Why We Started

Let me tell you about Lily.

Lily was what I like to call a nursing ‘lifer’ - a person whose life calling was to look after others, to be a nurse. She was a surgical turned ICU nurse of 16 years. She was the type of nurse who gave haircuts to her male patients and made sure their beards were neatly trimmed, so that they looked their best for when their families came to visit. The type of nurse who when her precepted students graduated, came back to say hello and thank her for the positive impact she made of their careers and their lives. She was a bright light that positively impacted every person she came across. She was my mum.

In early 2020, Lily’s life was cut short and the light that touched so many and permeated everything that surrounded her was gone. But despite my soul-crushing grief and through my own practice as a nurse, I began to see this same light in so many of my fellow sisters.

You see, I believe that if you choose nursing as a career, at your core you have that same light. That same deep yearning to care, to heal. Unfortunately, this light can easily get dimmed (or sometimes even completely extinguished) by the pressures of being a nurse, the shiftwork, the emotional toll, the burnout. The always putting other people first.

So I decided to start Nursely, a brand solely dedicated to taking care of those who dedicate their lives to taking care of others. Or as I like to call it, a self-care brand for nurses. In doing so, I hope to inspire a new movement in nursing, to change the narrative that has been for so long and to remind us all that we simply cannot pour from an empty cup. For that reason, we will only ever offer products or services that will make the lives of our fellow sisters better.

I know that by prioritising our self-care, we can all keep our lights shining bright, actually enjoy our work and profoundly impact our patients in a positive way. We can continue the legacy of Lily.

I hope by sharing my story and the intent behind this brand, that you can somehow relate to why I care about this so deeply.

Love always,
Vee x