Become besties with your cycle

You know that feeling when you're riding a wave of energy, creativity, and productivity, and you wish you could have it all the time? Well, guess what?

Your menstrual cycle holds the key to harnessing that incredible potential throughout the month!

Introducing, Master Your Inner Seasons - a beautiful 4-week, self-paced online course that helps you understand your fluctuating energy, productivity and creativity that comes along with experiencing a menstrual cycle.

Join the amazing Kat Taniberg, qualified Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner and menstrual cycle coach on a journey of reacquainting yourself with your true nature via the lens of your inner seasons.

This course is for you if...

  • You are wanting to understand yourself better
  • You are done with burn out
  • You want to cultivate more ease & flow in your life
  • You want to connect to your Intuition
  • You want to re-connect to your feminine energy
  • You want to fall in love with YOUR cycle (Menstrual or Moon)