Courses Faq

Our larger courses are run on Teachable and our masterclasses/mini-courses are run through our shopify site.

You could. They are definitely accessible on phones however they don't look as pretty as they would on a computer.

Great question! Once you have checked out on shopify, there will be a 'Go to my courses' button which will prompt you to make an account. Once you have made an account, you will then be able to access your digital product. There will also be a link to access your digital product in the order confirmation email that you will receive shortly after purchase. We highly recommend you bookmark this email as this is what you will use to access your product once you have navigated away from the checkout page.

Note: If you have purchased Empowered AF - this is run on teachable and you will receive an email with details for logging in and accessing the course.

Do not panic, we have got you! Please email us at and we will guide you through it.