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Introducing our cutting-edge compression socks, precision-engineered to boost athletes' performance.

Crafted from premium materials and utilizing advanced compression technology, these socks offer an unparalleled blend of comfort and support.

Why our comfy AF compression socks are great:

  • Experience improved blood flow, reduced muscle fatigue, and enhanced athletic prowess, thanks to gentle, graduated compression up the lower leg.
  • Say goodbye to sweaty, damp feet vibes with our moisture wicking, breathable fabric.
  • Let's get technical. The graduated compression profile means more blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, leading to better performance and quicker recovery (win).
  • And the practical touch? The non-slip cuff keeps things secure as you conquer your training sessions.
  • Style bonus: this bundle includes a trio of eye-catching designs that allow you to express a lil' bit of your personal flair.

Get equipped with these babies and level-up your performance and recovery game ASAP!

    THE PERFORMANCE BUNDLE MINI Sale price$94.00 Regular price$117.00

    Graduated light-moderate compression to reduce leg fatigue and swelling, improve circulation and assist in preventing varicose veins

    High-quality breathable material

    Moisture wicking fabric to keep your tootsies dry

    Non-slip cuff so they stay up all day (or night!)

    "Super cute compression socks! I have absolutely loved these since they arrived. I have noticed such a difference in my calf pain during my 10+ hour shifts. They are an absolute MUST!"

    Laura M, Eagle Farm QLD
    Verified Buyer


    The perfect travel cup


    Receive a beautiful 470mL collapsible travel mug made from 100% BPA free silicone with all orders over $140. There are 4 stunning colourways available.

    Enjoy your (essential) morning hot bevvie on the way to work, then rinse, collapse down and chuck it in your bag to take home!