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"Exactly what makes this one of your 'best-ever' bundles?"

We're glad you've asked.

1. This bundle has enough pairs to get you through till next week without the need for a mid-week laundry day (go off full-timers).

2. You get all of our best-selling (and our personal favourite) styles.

3. You essentially get 5 pairs of socks for the price of 4. 

4. PLUS free domestic express shipping! So these babies will be in your hot little hands (and on your feet) before you know it.

You're welcome!

This bundle includes:

1 x pair of our PINEAPPLE compression socks

1 x pair of our UNICORN compression socks

1 x pair of our CACTUS compression socks

1 x pair of our PUPPIES compression socks

1 x pair of our KITTY compression socks

"So, what's the go with compression socks?"

For our fellow nurses elbow-deep in patient care, these socks are a total game-changer. In a world of elusive lunch/bathroom breaks and burnout, our cozy compression socks rewrite the rules. They shout, "Hey, it's time to look after YOU!"

Slip into these socks with their multiple health benefits (goodbye sore, swollen legs!), and not only will your feet find paradise, but your entire vibe will level up. And yes, brace yourself for a tsunami of compliments as you get to express your personal style that's as legendary as your nursing skills.

But here's the scoop – it's not just about socks. It's about change. The nursing realm is overdue for a transformation, and we're leading the charge.

Remember those days of putting everything ahead of you? Well, consider them ancient history. Our socks nod to YOUR well-being, wink at self-care, and high-five a healthier nursing culture. Feel that? It's the satisfaction of finally doing something just for YOU. Trust us, when you thrive, so does everyone around you (studies have spoken).

Be part of the self-care movement, light up your workplace as the superstar example, and let your feet declare, "I'm the priority, and it's my time!" Your patients are in great hands, and your feet? Let them be snugly embraced in our comfy AF compression socks.

Oh and P.S. our socks aren't just for nurses, they are loved by travellers, athletes, retail workers, office workers, pregnant mamas and anyone who sits or stands all day!

Unsure about which size is right for you? Check our size guide below.


  • Our compression socks require special love and care - please ensure you know how to look after them by having a read of our care guide.
  • Please note - colours may vary slightly.
  • Whilst we would love to see everyone in our socks, we must stress that if you have serious circulatory problems, have had major surgery or chronic illness or are pregnant - please consult your healthcare professional prior to using our compression socks. By doing so, you can determine whether or not our socks are suitable for your individual needs. 
      THE BEST-EVER BUNDLE (OUR ALL TIME FAVES) Sale price$156.00 Regular price$195.00

      Graduated light-moderate compression to reduce leg fatigue and swelling, improve circulation and assist in preventing varicose veins

      High-quality breathable material

      Moisture wicking fabric to keep your tootsies dry

      Non-slip cuff so they stay up all day (or night!)

      "Super cute compression socks! I have absolutely loved these since they arrived. I have noticed such a difference in my calf pain during my 10+ hour shifts. They are an absolute MUST!"

      Laura M, Eagle Farm QLD
      Verified Buyer


      The perfect travel cup


      Receive a beautiful 470mL collapsible travel mug made from 100% BPA free silicone with all orders over $140. There are 4 stunning colourways available.

      Enjoy your (essential) morning hot bevvie on the way to work, then rinse, collapse down and chuck it in your bag to take home!